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Businessman Treated Customers as Friends

Businessman treated customers as friends Innovative founder of Lee Valley Tools was an 'ethical capitalist' who shared his company's success with employees Globe and Mail - RICHARD BLACKWELL July 16, 2016 Lee Valley Tools founder Leonard Lee was...

How the AP Screwed Sanders, and Other Tales From Tuesday Night

Thanks to The Associated Press, I was awake well past midnight on Wednesday morning watching a series of non-events come to a grateful conclusion. I wanted to see the speeches, especially Bernie's, which came...

Google’s grand ads signal it’s taking on the iPhone directly

New name, bigger marketing, and a new focus on hardware  

How Do You Like Me Now?

I wonder if it has ever crossed the minds of Americans to have recall legislation? Then - "I'm going to build a wall" Now - Donald Trump Says Border Wall May Be Part Fence, (source NBC News...

Why the Arabs don’t want us in Syria

They don’t hate ‘our freedoms.’ They hate that we’ve betrayed our ideals in their own countries — for oil.

It’s Just about the Price

“Churchill: "Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?" Socialite: "My goodness, Mr. Churchill... Well, I suppose... we would have to discuss terms, of course... " Churchill: "Would you sleep with me for...
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