Letter to the Editor – Hands OFF!


With hundreds of acres of undeveloped land within the city why on earth would you be obsessed with developing within our precious park lands.

It is just another example of the short sighted and ill advised approach of successive councils:  peel plaza, parking garage, jelly bean buildings, overbuilt bus garage, proposed demolition of Reversing falls building. etc etc. etc.

Rockwood, along with Tucker, is a unique urban treasure, famous far & wide and which other cities would cherish and respect.

Besides, these parks are NOT yours to despoil.  You are just fleeting participants in the heritage of these gems.

They  belong to US – the taxpayers to enjoy along with our future generations.

Without doubt,  any further movement in this regard will generate an unprecedented  firestorm of taxpayer anger. ( a fact your high priced consultants from Toronto would not be aware of.)

Hands off – start to concentrate on the important issues that you were elected to tackle, like urban decay, de-population, high taxes etc.

Brian Stone