Sanity and Sears



The headline reads “Substantial doubt about survival says Sears CEO. ‘

Now who in the world would invest in that company?
Well the Gallant NB Liberals of course.
 Their response is ‘Not to worry  only $2M up front is not protected.’ (That of course is not counting all the millions wasted on employee hiring incentives when they disappear in the near future.)
ONLY $2M !
Well I suppose if you are accustomed to throwing away $70M; $40M & $37M on a defunct construction company a mismanaged credit union & a defunct shipyard respectively, to name but a few, a mere $2M of hard earned taxpayers money is a bargain.
And of course they will then do the only thing they are good at – raise taxes & fees to cover their follies.
Won’t it be great when the grown ups are back in charge.
Brian Stone
886 Millidge Ave