A Disillusioned and Disgusted Taxpayer


Well fellow beleaguered taxpayers – we now know what our Councillors priorities are don’t we?

On the day prior to yet another huge boil water order we learn that they have voted themselves a massive raise. The instigator was Shirley McAlary who gets an increase from $22,000 to $38000. – For What??

She is keen to tell anyone who will listen that she works hard but, when asked, is unable to come up with anything that this ‘hard work’ has achieved. It is self evident that this matter was on her mind at the time of the election but did she mention it. No – of course not.

However, the other Councillors all share the shame as they enthusiastically lined up to share in the spoils. Kudos to Councillor Sullivan for being the only one to actually speak up for  the taxpayers he represents.

So, the Mayor is going to donate his raise to charity. That is all very noble but I like to be the one to choose which charities my hard earned money goes to. I have not met a single taxpayer who feels that this huge raise is justified, especially  at this time of economic hardship. It is important that we all remember this act of betrayal when the next election comes around.

Brian Stone