Best Friends


A while back when I was visiting some of the kids and one little boy, about 7 years old had never met his father. He usually hung with the rest of the gang. This little guy didn’t have much so he could often be found playing with a bike wheel or anything he found lying around. I went to pick him up one day to take him to Joshua Group.

When he seen me he yelled that he had something to show me.  He had a picture all folded up in his pocket, he pulled the picture out of his jacket, it was a picture of a dad holding his son’s hand.

He looked at me and said;”This is like me and you best friends right”?

The look on this little guys face is one you don’t forget. He said; “If I could have a dad I would get one just like you”.

So if you think you have a bad day think of kids like this little guy and hundreds more living in poverty and a life of challenges on their own.

The Joshua Group a caring place for kids that need a best friend.

Bobby Hayes