Can “The Donald” Make America Great Again?














I felt compelled to write this article after learning that “The Donald” will become the next  president of the most powerful country in the world. A man who has been  labeled by many as a narcissistic, bigoted, sociopath. Not my words but the words of many clear thinking, logical, respected Americans.

So tell me Donald, when was America great and based on what criteria?

Was it after WII when the US had it made in the shade while most countries were pre-occupied rebuilding after a devastating world war? During the post war period American kids could buy cheap little tin cars imported from JAPAN made from re-cycled Budweiser beer cans while the United States was cranking out millions of full size cars. American auto manufacturing became the largest industry in the US. The US auto industry was many times larger than the automotive industries of the rest of the world.

Perhaps it during the 1960′ and 70’s when the American consumer got financial traction and the average house size expanded from 900 square feet to 1000, then 1200, then 1500 square feet and we experienced the birth of the two and three garage?

Maybe it was when Americans began buying high quality, less expense cars during the 1980’s and 1990’s from other countries? Cars with strange sounding names like Toyota? Honda? Mazda? and Datsun? While the quality of American cars fell and prices increased.

Then again it could have been at the turn of the current century when more and more Americans flocked to the Wal-Mart’s flooded with yet more and more TV’s, tools and household appliances made in South Korea, China, India, Mexico at prices that were often half the price of products stamped “made in the United States”?

Tell me Donald, exactly when was America great?

Pardon me from questioning “Americas greatness” and before you send out the elite Delta Force to execute a “shock and awe” cross-border invasion to capture this uppity Canadian and hustle me off to “Gimo” for a little recreational waterboarding please hear me out.

Ask most Americans;  “What’s the greatest country in the world”?  There’s more than a strong bet the response will be America. With all due respect the name isn’t even correct. There are 2 Americas, South America and North America. North America is made up of Canada, the United States, Mexico as well as over 20 other countries for a total population of 580 million. Far too many Americans in referring to the United States with it’s 318 million citizens as “America” are exhibiting both arrogance and ignorance by ignoring or dismissing Canada, Mexico as well as the other countries with their 262 million people.

Where’s the justification for Americans to have such an inflated ego or sense of “we’re the greatest, or we’re the best”?  According to a Bloomberg article Sept 2016 the United States is well down the list at number 28 for the Greatest Country on Earth.   

So where does the USA claim first place?  Not only does the United States leads the world in incarcerations per 100 thousand of population, but it is home to largest total number of prisoners, roughly 2.2 million people are behind bars. China’s with a population of 1.3 billion has an estimated prison population of only 1.6 million. What’s wrong with this picture? The evil empire has fewer prisoners?…how is that possible.

Another first – National Defense – The US spends just a tad under 600 billion an amount equal to 1/3 of the amount spent by the rest of the world.    But wait there’s more. You have the CIA, NSA Homeland Security, then there is the Overseas Contingency OperationsWith all this defense spending what are you guys afraid of …and you, Donald, want to re-build the depleted US military? Do you think maybe the name should be changed from National Defense to “National Offence”?

A number of years ago I would attend the annual 4 day International Communications Conference in Washington DC. At about day two I would notice that something was missing. What was missing was global news, news about the “rest of the world”. There was lots of local news, state news and maybe national new but it was if the rest of the world didn’t exist. I might hear about a murder or mugging in Washington but nothing about the 1000 Chinese peasant farmers that were killed in a landslide or the starvation in Africa. We and all Americans have heard about the  2,996 victims from 9/11 over and over but how often have they heard about the over 250,000 Iraqis killed as the result of an unprovoked attack by the United States?  

Do I blame the American public for decades of level global ignorance? Hell no, the American public have been kept in an information vacuum and has been fed half-truths, pabulum for the masses disguised as news, propaganda and bullshit for so many decades by corporate controlled government and corporate controlled media that they have come to believe “We are the greatest”. Myopia at it’s best.

For decades Americans and yes Canadians have enjoyed an exceptional standard of living while billions of people in the world have struggled to survive. We drunk coffee for $1.00 a cup while the Juan’s of the world worked for a dollar a day. We paid pennies a pound for sugar and rice while peasants in third world counties worked for pennies per hour.

We’ve built economies based on conspicuous consumption. Consume, consume and continue consuming regardless of the human and global exploitation. Did you know that Americans with 5% of the world’s population consume 24% of the world’s energy?

The Donald with his reckless rhetoric would have you believe that he can turn back the hands of time by re-vitalizing the economy by cranking up the rate of conspicuous consumption.

International trade and globalization is a fact of life and an evolutionary process and will continue but not by blackmail and tariffs. Health globalization and trade occurs whenl resource exploitation and excessive waste declines while reasonable living standards for all countries improve.

Is the United States, today, the same country that was born out of the values and integrity of Lincoln and Washington?

The battle for the  position of Commander-in- Chief position has brought two of the least trusted candidates in the history of American politics to the arena while rejecting one of the most trusted candidates Bernie Sanders. How did that happen?

The United States will be great when it’s leaders and Americans truly understands the second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Are these values evident or reflected in the man that you the citizens of the United States have chosen for your leader?

Think about it.