How Do You Like Me Now?


I wonder if it has ever crossed the minds of Americans to have recall legislation?

Then“I’m going to build a wall”

Now – Donald Trump Says Border Wall May Be Part Fence, (source NBC News Nov 13 2016)

 Now –   parts of the wall may be a fence.


Then – Obamacare

Now – Trump backs off key Obamacare pledge


Then – “It’s time to drain the swamp in Washington”

Now- Trump Considers Racist Anti-Semite Stephen Bannon as White House Chief of Staff


So you’ve signed the deal to buy a late model used car. You’ve paid top dollar because this smiling salesman told you it was owned by a little old lady and only driven to church on Sundays. This beauty was never driven in the winter, was kept in a garage and the maintenance schedule always followed.  You drive the car home and decide to use CARCHECK to double check. You learn that the car had been owned by a traveling salesman with Alaska a territory, the odometer had been rolled back, the salesman fell asleep once and drove the car into a river up to the windshield and the oil had never been changed.  What in hell do you do now? Well you have something called the Car Dealer Fraud Law. You have legal recourse.

What do you do if you voted for a popular realty TV host that sold you a bill of goods and AFTER the election you find that you’ve been sold  a “pig in a poke”?  Trump has pulled off the biggest con of the century by convincing millions of anger frustrated Americans that they have been robbed of the “American dream” by Mexican criminals and rapists, by Muslims who MAY be ISIS and the cheating Chinese.  What in hell do you do now? You live with the decision that you made for the next four years. We have laws that protects consumers, is it time that we had laws to protect voters?

Think about it, your country and your future.