N.B. Economy Up in Smoke?


Is it any wonder that this Government digs the Province deeper & deeper in the hole – WHEN…..

The only strategic growth plan mentioned in the Throne Speech was to rely on marijuana crops.

Donald Arsenault has the gall to say ‘ I don’t need to take any lessons from Blaine Higgs’. mmmm! His career so far has consisted of being in the civil service and then getting elected an MLA in 2003. That’s it – never been in the private sector.

Never had to meet a payroll, make a profit, or had any real management experience in his life. Contrast that with Blaine Higgs’ stellar 30 year career in senior management with NBs largest company. Me thinks Mr. Arsenault could learn a whole lot about the real world.

The king of flip flop, Premier Gallant, changes his mind as often as his underwear. The latest being the Judges residence issue. First it was a priority, then it was dropped, (to quote -Not one I’m passionate about). Now it is a priority again. Enough to make your head spin.

Too bad we have to wait another 2 years to vote them out and stop the rot.

Brian Stone