Добро пожаловать на борт Я ваш капитан

    Добро пожаловать на борт Я ваш капитан
    Tervetuloa laivaan olen sinun kapteeni





    Willkommen an Bord Ich bin Ihr Kapitän
    Bienvenue à bord, je suis votre capitaine

    The expressions above are Russian, Finnish, Chinese, Arabic, German and French for

    “Welcome aboard I am your Captain”. 

    If I’m about to take my seat on a 747 flying across the Atlantic Ocean on my way to Europe, Asia or China I would give a damn if the pilot was bi-lingual?   My only concern would be that he knows how to fly the plane, has considerable flying experience, knows haw to navigate  and can get me to my destination safely. How about you? Would your priority be; Does he had command of another language?

    The other morning during coffee one of the regulars offered that he thought Blaine Higgs was the best candidate to lead the New Brunswick PC party. However, his concern was if Higgs couldn’t demonstrate that he has a good command of French he may not receive support form the Francophone community.

    If I may use my pilot analogy, is it more important for the leader of the PC party to be bi-lingual or is it more important to choose a leader that has the experience and determination to change flip-flop politics that has put New Brunswick near the bottom in terms of economic progress and high in terms of public debt?

    Think about it………..Pensez-y.