Substance over Style


Did any one watch the US Vice Presidential debate between Tim Kaine for the Democrats and Mike Pence for the Republicans? I watched the entire 90 minutes.  Since I am neither a Clinton or Trump fan I felt that I was in aposition to take an objective position. Kaine kept using Trump truisms as ammunition while Pence calmly rebutted with “not true” “not true”. The moderator suggested on a number of occasions that Kaine’s accusations were factual. That didn’t matter to Pense, he skated like an Olympic champion. Listening to the political pundits the next day they proclaimed that Pense won the debate on style, no substance but boy did he have style, he won on style.

The whole exercise reminded me of WWF  wrestling, it didn’t matter if Jake “The Snake” didn’t actually “hit” Hulk Hogan as long as it “looked” like he hit him.

That takes me back to the PC party leadership debate held in Grandbay/Westfield last month. One by one the candidates took the podium putting their best political foot forward. I heard philosophical fluff, I heard some candidates waxing eloquently as they talked about our beautiful province. Style? Shakespeare would have been proud.

Quite frankly as a business person, a person that has spent most of my working life meeting problems head on I wanted to hear about “substance” I didn’t give a damn about style.. What are the issues we face as a province and how do we solve them? How do we get out from under a $13 billion dollar provincial debt? How do we create a culture of accountability at “all” levels of government? How do we secure a brighter future for my children and my grandchildren?

Then Blaine Higgs took the podium, I don’t know if I would give him many points for style but when it came to substance and solutions he had it in spades. No pie in the sky promises, no political rhetoric, no razzle-dazzle……Just substance and solutions.

Over the past month I have had conversations with folks that have suggested that “Mel” as a leader would be good Saint John or this candidate would be good for Fredericton or this candidate good for Moncton and so it goes. If New Brunswick is to prosper we have to start thinking bigger than our individual regional interests, we have to get away from “piecemeal politics” and put the province before politics.

For substance over style vote for Blaine Higgs.