Fed Up!


On the way into the big M for coffee yesterday morning I bumped into “Reggie” of Saint John’s Reggie’s Restaurant fame. He smiled and asked what’s happening in the political world. The conversation came around to “political donations”. He told me that while he was in the restaurant  business he never contributed to a political party, the Liberals or the Conservatives. He told me that he had loyal Liberals and Conservatives as customers and that he didn’t want to offend either one.

Then he confessed the only time he made a political donation was that he contributed $100 to Dominick Eden, affectionately known as the Mayor of Horsfield Street when he decided to run for Saint John Common Council.

Reggie told me that Dominick landed in Saint John sometime in the 80’s with little in the way of money and slept on the floor of the old building on run down Horsfield Street that he had bought with the few dollars that he had. Over the years he was single handedly one by one bought old buildings on Horsfield and began rebuilding Horsefield Street. Dominick was “fed up” with the status quo at City Hall and decided to run for Common Council. Reggie saw the difference that Dominick was making in the City and felt that Common Council could use a little “shake-up”. I have to admit I had forgotten the passion and purpose that Dominick brought to Horsfield Street and the City.

Then I was off off to join the morning coffee group. Once seated with my coffee the usual discussion about the Hillary and Trump debate that eventually led to the up coming N.B. PC leadership convention. After discussing the sad state of the province one of the usually quiet seniors in the group blurted out; “I’m fed up”, and for the first time in my life I am going to join the Conservative party, …..just so that I can vote for Blaine Higgs because I believe he can change politics in New Brunswick”. “I’m fed up with the Liberals and the Conservatives, one is as bad as the other, I’m voting for Higgs”.”

Whow!!…….where did that firestorm come from?  Think about it…… here is a guy in his 60’s that has never been a member of any political party in his life and for the first time he is kicking in some money and voting for Blaine Higgs…….what does that tell you?

As it turned out there was 4 other people at the table and before I could ask the logical question three others responded that they, also for the first time in their lives were making political contributors with the objective of getting Blaine Higgs elected as the leader of the N.B. Conservative. Has the New Brunswick political system become just a smaller version of the US  “rigged” political system where each party and each politician supported by “the group” has taken his or her turn at the helm to the long term detriment of the people and the province?

Is it possible that people are slowly beginning to realize that status quo, flip-flop politics in New Brunswick that has put us in debt to the tune of nearly13 billion dollars has to stop? That accountability has to begin…..if we are to have a future?

October 6th is the last day that you have an opportunity to register and become a voting member of the Conservative Party. As a member you will have the opportunity to vote for and elect the next leader of the N.B. PC party.

I as well am “fed up” and have become a voting member of the N.B. PC party and plan to vote for Blaine Higgs at the convention on October 22nd.

If you wish for a New Brunswick with a brighter future for this and future generations I encourage you to become ” fed up” with the same, old same old broken political system and do the same.  It’s your province and your future…..think about it.


  1. I seriously think that the only option we have to change politics and political posturing in New Brunswick is to elect people like Blaine Higgs to positions where they can make a positive difference. Our province cannot continue this see saw of change of policies and direction every time a new government and new political party is elected. Most of the people who enter politics do so for honourable reasons, and the work and the effort they put into improving the lives of NBers should not be discarded just because they are from a different political party. It is time for us to grow up!