Come and We Will Build It.


I’ve had a hankering for some  nice local blueberry pies just like my grandmother used to bake.  I thought I would make a bunch and freeze them for those long cold winter months. It was Wednesday so I opened the flyer to see what stores had the best prices for their mid-week sales. You know the flyers where the stores put their best prices in big bold numbers hoping to attract more customers?  I opened the flyer leafed through the pages and I saw: Blueberrries

Pumpkin Patch – $13.95 for five pounds

Sobey’s – $12.60 for five pounds

Superstore- $11.76 for five pound

No Frills $10.23 for five pounds

and Silly Sara’s $21.64 for five pounds.

I had already decided I would  go to one of the top four stores with the best prices but had to wonder why is the price for five pounds of blueberries was so high at Silly Sara’s?

I gave the store a call and asked why is the price of blueberries was so high compared to the other stores? “Are the berries bigger, fresher? The pleasant lady at the other end of the line said: “No they’re the same berries and as soon as we have more customers we are going to lower the price”. I rolled that business approach around in my head and said: “Let me know how that works out for you” and then I hung up.

Where did I get my range of prices for 5 pounds of blueberries?

I simply took the proportional cost of services per capita for for Rothesay, Quispamsis, Grandbay/Westfield, Hampton, and Saint John and shifted the decimal point to the left two points as per the 2016 cost of services  for each community as below.

Rothesay – $1,395 per person per year;

Quispamsis – $1,260 per person per year;

Grand Bay/Westfield – $1176 per person per year;

Hampton – $1,023 per person per year;

Saint John – $2164 per person per year.

This is of course just one of my silly stories to make a point after listening to a comment by one of our Councilors on CBC news this morning. The good Councilor was suggesting that when the population increases then we drop the tax rate.

I don’t want to rain on anyone “re-population parade” but isn’t that a bit like Silly Sara saying when we get more customers we will drop the price?  A city as with an business increases it “client” or “taxpayer” base by providing competitive pricing with quality products and services. The secret to attracting businesses and families to Saint John isn’t come and we will build it, it’s build it and they will come.

Think about it.





  1. Oversimplification. You have been using the same argument for over 10 years. Good thing the TJ dumped you because you are incapable of pruducing an original thought, an indepth analysis, or logical argument. At least you have this platform to continue to play your broken record.