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    News Release Friday 13th 2016

    Saint John Energy to establish residential flat fee service. 

    Today Saint John Energy Chairman Bill Edwards announced as of January 1st 2017 Saint John Energy will transition to a “flat fee service” for all Saint John residential customers. When asked about the flat fee rate Edwards replied; “The rate will be derived by dividing the number of residential users into the residential revenue generated by Saint John Energy. Based on preliminary numbers we anticipate the per household monthly fee will be  around $127.00 per month”. Edwards offered that commercial and industrial users will continue to pay based on kilowatts consumed. When asked why Saint John Energy was going to a flat fee service Edwards replies: “To reduce administrative overhead and eliminate meter readers”. According to CBC one low power client felt they were getting “burned” with the flat fee while a high consumption customer from Millidgeville with a electrically heated three car garage, upon hearing the news, lit up like the Harbour Lights Christmas tree.

    This news release is a spoof, ….right? Of course it is. The mere suggestion is ridiculous. If it’s reasonable for electric power users to pay based on consumption then why would not the same rationale apply to residential water consumption?  You must have seen the news? “Saint John Backs away from residential water meters”

    Why in the name of common sense and fairness  should a a little old lady living alone in a wartime bungalow in the North End with her cat named Fluffy pay the same water and sewage fee as a family of 5,6,or 7 living in a Millidgeville McMansion complete with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi? Excuse the expression but the little old lady is getting “hosed”.

    Is someone spiking the water at City Hall? When is Common Council going to get away from the City Hall typical “pantyhose” approach, one size fits all, and start making decisions that might stretch the imagination of some City Hall management?

    The retail price for an acceptable “City approved” water meter ( Sensus SR II) is $60.00. If the city is not prepared to “invest” the approximate $5 million to install residential water meters for tax paying homeowners then give home owners the option of installing water meters to the tune of $100 to $150 at their own expense. Its the very least City Hall could do after committing over $216 million or $4000 per household for “clean safe drinking water”.

    Would you agree?