Door to Door


    I attended a Blaine Higgs information session last week. It wasn’t difficult to tell that he is driven by passion and the belief that he CAN bring a new style of accountable politics to New Brunswick. A style that is void of promises. A style that would seek and encourage ALL elected MLA’s to put the province before party interests.

    I can only imagine the task at hand in running for the ;leadership of a party is a bit like running a marathon, at times you are tired and the outcome uncertain. You don’t know with any assurance, as Bernie Sanders might say; “That the system is rigged”.  But you keep pushing for what you believe in.

    A number a years ago I watched a movie called Door to Door, it’s a true story about over coming the odds. Perhaps it’s message will serve to provide a bit of a tail wind to the Blaine train.

    Bill Porter, a man afflicted with cerebral palsy, is desperate to find a job despite his condition. He uses his sense of humor, determination and winning spirit to convince a manager to hire him as a door-to-door salesman for Watkins, a supplier of household items and baking products.