Without Reservation.


Almost exactly 6 years ago I wrote an article for the Telegraph Journal entitled Petty Politics and False Promises.  Here is a direct quote from the article:

“Here are the political kisses the politicians are blowing to us during this round of campaigning: We will fix the property assessment system … we will create thousands of jobs … we will give every high school kid a laptop … we will freeze hydro rates for the next three years … how about an extra statutory holiday in February? … we will give free ferry service to Grand Manan … we will create a bill of rights that will “ensure seniors are always treated with respect and dignity” (it seems only fair since we doubled our salaries and quietly increased our MLA pensions by 85 per cent). What party will have the courage to step forward and offer to build a bridge where there is no river?”

At the time the article was written our provincial debt was approaching 9 billion dollars, today it sits at 13.2  billion dollars and counting. Did I sound just a tad cynical about politicians and promises? …..and perhaps with good reason? During the last election wasn’t it the Gallant Liberals that promised to spend $900 million on new roads and highways? To where?

For those aspiring to be the leader of the PC  party, a party that would lead us out of the depths of crippling  debt I have a simple message: People don’t want promises, they want integrity, they want the truth, they want experience, they want courage, they want vision and most of all they want to hear: “It will or may be tough going but if we work together we can do it, together we can build a better future for our children and our grandchildren.” …….and that folks is the re-occurring message i have been hearing from Blaine Higgs.  

He has said over and over again partisan political promises is destroying this province and with it the opportunity for the next generation.

People are finally fed up and are getting on the “Blaine Train”. They are fed up with the what  has been a two-party adversarial political system. The bipartisan political posturing and what has “good for the party” has done nothing to advance the future of New Brunswick.

Term after term we have seen policies and strategies of one party trashed, discarded by the incoming party because the strategy was or has been implemented by the “opposition.” As Higgs says; “It has to stop, this time it has to be province first and the party second”.

In my lifetime, I can count on one hand the number of political leaders that I have respected and trusted. I can say without reservation as the leader of the PC party Blaine Higgs would join the ranks of the few. I encourage you to take the time to watch the following video and give your support to Blaine Higgs. Give him a day and he will give you province that you can be proud of.