Putting the Wheel in Motion


Since our current Council is eager for us to help them establish priorities for the 3 1/2 years left in the four year term I thought I would take a look at the previous  Councilor’s Priority List. It seemed like a logical course of action given that most of the current Councilors served on the last Common Council.

This is what I found posted on the City web site.


I read through the list and all the “we wills” seemed like pretty reasonable bullet point and goals in terms of moving Saint John in the direction of becoming one of Canada’s most desirable and livable cities.

Would you agree?

Then I began wondering why are we going through the Pin-it exercise?

Isn’t it a bit like settling on a design for a house and before you finish the foundation and framing start changing the plans?

Every four years we’ve watched the Liberals and the Conservatives change the provincial economic game plan with serious financial consequences. A 13 billion dollar provincial debt and climbing! Is there and reason for the City to follow the folly and foolishness of provincial politics?

I would encourage ALL citizens and ALL Councilors to slowly read the list of “we wills” established during the last 4 year term and see if there is any reason to change anything. There is no need to keep reinventing the wheel all we have to do is put the wheel we have in motion.

Think about it.