Letter t the Editor – Spend, Spend, Spend.


So, today’s headline reads ‘NB Government spends millions over budget’.

If that surprises anyone then they must have been in a coma.

When the Gallant gang abandoned all semblance of fiscal responsibility for the sake of currying votes it comes as no surprise that they are fiscally as well as morally bankrupt.

Spending $37M on a defunct shipyard, countermanding realistic Horizon health cost saving measures. Spending millions on looking for solutions where there is no problem whilst ignoring the REAL issues. Flip flopping raised to an art form. etc, etc.

It was unthinkable that anyone could make the disastrous Graham era seem palatable but this incompetent Gallant crew have managed it, in spades.

Someone should tell our Premier that wearing a permanent grin does not convince overburdened taxpayers that all is well.

Brian Stone

886 Millidge Ave