Common Council and Pay for Performance


I heard this weekend that Costco are going to install parking meters in their parking lot. Parking will be $2.00 per hour to offer competitive rates with the city of Saint John. Parking fines will be $25.00 if paid in the first week….. So do you think this move by Costco will adversely affect their business? Could it possibly drive business to some of their competitors?

Of course my little intro is a fabrication, it would be insane for a business to adopt a policy that would serve only to alienate it”s customers.  So where does that leave Saint John and some of it’s less than astute business decisions? Yesterday I had to drop by McKeys for Keys on Princess Street to pick up a lock. I had to make a detour because of construction at Princess and Charlotte so I drive down into what we could consider “the bowels of Saint John” at there near the corner of Wentworth and Princess a see a Commissioner putting … guessed it tickets on cars.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the logic of Costco putting in parking meters in their lot and Saint John (a city with economic development as a high priority) putting parking meters in the far regions of the city? There is none. Let me remind you Saint John has the highest commercial retail vacancy rate in Canada and we are populating the city with yet more meters? Are they trying to make it even more difficult for businesses? Where in God’s name is Common Council’s common sense?

Here is a skill testing question for our Councilors: Why do you suppose as malls were developing in the edges of the city their Council decided to take out the parking meters and offer 2 hour free parking in the downtown area?

In 2015 City Hall management recommended to Common Council that the Reversing Falls Tourist Bureau be demolished. The rationale, the it would cost $200 plus thousand to upgrade the facility…, Common Council voted to demolish the facility. One can only conclude $200 thousand plus to upgrade a facility that promotes the number one tourist attraction and brings $500 million to Saint John and area was simply too much money. Thank God for people like Max Kotlowski (Reversing Falls restaurant in Saint John may avoid demolition) who saw the value and plans to “invest” the funds necessary for it to become a world class attraction.

At this week Common Council meeting increased salaries and benefits for Common Council came to the table. The motion was made by Councilor Shirley McAlary .  So tell me was the current crop of Councilors aware of the compensation and workload before they offered?

I’m one of those people that believes in pay for performance and given some of the questionable decisions made by past and present Councilors I would say the current compensation is all that they deserve.  Since Councilors Greg Norton and Gary Sullivan would not support the motion perhaps they agree.

What do you think?