A Letter to the Editor – (reprint from Telegraph Journal)


A Letter to the Editor

Parking Changes Are Unwarranted (Telegraph Journal Heading)

I Just read that our Council now wants to charge people for parking throughout the south end. I wonder if they gave any thought to the effect this will have on businesses that employ lower wage workers and those workers who are finding it ever more difficult to survive on a $10.65 an hour minimum wage.
Employees of Restaurants, small boutique businesses, etc. in the Uptown area making $10.65 an hour; now will lose $2 an hour from that $10.65 for parking.
For them it is an effective 19% tax coming from their hard earned pay competing for dollars needed for the basic necessities of life. Like the increased HST and other government fees that recently increased it has a serious effect on their quality of life.
Sounds more like an invitation for minimum wage workers to stay home and collect social assistance!
Paying to fund a Parking Commission that annoys a business’ customers and risks the business losing their work force seems counterproductive. It sounds more like a make work project with no thought of the negatives.
Is it a lack of common sense and compassion or a lack of business sense that would lead our council to create just another roadblock to our city core’s success? Please give this another serious thought Councillors.

Sandy Robertson

Editors note:  So let me see if I understand we have a lot of folks working in the uptown retail sector for $10.00 to $11.00 per hour and require parking in the city core while at the some time we provide for prime picking for the parking police making what $15.00 to $20.00 hour? Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. Tell me is this an important part of an uptown re-vitalization strategy? Has anyone advised Common Council and the Parking Commission that Saint John already has a 21% retail and commercial vacancy rate?