Meet Me Half Way


It has been suggested that telling a joke at the beginning of a presentation or speech can be a good way to loosen up the crowd,  so let’s give it a try.

Abe was a clean living older Jewish man. Month after month, year after year he would pray to God pleading: “Lord, I’m a good man, a just man a faithful follower, please let me win the lottery”. This went on year after year, then one day there was a clap of thunder, the skies open and a booming voice said: “Abe meet me half way, ……… a ticket”.

You don’t have to be an economic genius to know that Saint John has struggled and continues to struggle with sluggish development….. why? Turner Drake and Partners Inc. in a Dec 2015 survey put Saint John at a 20% retail, commercial vacancy rate, the highest in Canada…..why?  Meanwhile the Fredericton vacancy rate is 7% with Moncton at 9%.

I know our new Mayor Darling at a recent Chamber of Commerce session suggested there is no room for negativity but is acknowledging  cold hard facts to be considered negative? I clearly understand the need for a positive “yes we can” attitude however failure to temper that positive attitudes with a good dose of reality is a fool’s errand. Would you agree?

This morning while listening to the news I heard and interview with a local real estate developer Mac Blair. He was being very critical of the city’s failure to come up with a winning formula with PlanSJ when it comes to attracting developers as well as  positioning  Saint John as a city on the move.   Shortly after I listened to the interview I did an internet search and came up with a CBC story from 2011 that levels the same criticisms at the cities development strategy.

Like my opening joke somewhere along the line City Hall and developers will have to meet half way if Saint John is to has a snow balls chance in hell of growing.

What do you think?