A Deal with the Devil?


Has anyone seen the 1989 movie “Damn Yankees”? It’s a movie about a frustrated fan of the hopeless Washington Senators making a pact with the Devil to help “his” baseball team win the league pennant against  the Yankees, a team that just seems to win and win and win.

We have a similar situation here in Atlantic Canada “Damn Moncton” keeps beating us year after year after year when it comes to Moneysense Magazine’s “Best Cities in Canada to Live”.   Like the damn Yankees is it possible that they have a better team, or do they try harder? I have said before and I will say it again: Moncton as a city has the least when it comes to natural attributes but they make the most of what they have, Saint John has the most when it comes to natural attribute and we make the least of what we have. No small wonder that Moncton kicks our ass.

Does Saint John have to make a deal with the devil to move up the ranks?  Last year if my memory serves me the Moneysense ranking for Saint John ranked 89 on the list of best places to live. This year we’ve slipped to number 191 out of 218 cities…..OUCH!

I am beginning to question our previous Council’s strategy that would have us “just think positive” and believe that we are the Renaissance City.

Perhaps the secret to moving up the ranks be it sports or cities is to stop patting our selves on the back and “focus” on our addressing our weaknesses? Isn’t that how teams become better? Should I be bold enough to suggest that the same may be true for cities?

The key to Saint John’s future is found in convincing families and business that Saint John is the place to be, we will be hard pressed to deliver that message if we are 191 on a list of 2019 and sinking.




What do you think?