Boats and Burgers


Saturday was the day to do the boat yard thing; the annual yard cleaning exercise at the Saint John Power Boat Club, clean up the yard, repair some docks install new cleats on some of the floating docks and that’s it.

Well not quite….a call from  my ex-wife on Kennibekasis Island; “Is there any chance that you could give us a hand getting the boat in the water?,” ……”there’s a free beer in it for you”? ….a pregnant pause….on my part. How could I possibly turn down the chance to burn $5.00 worth of gas and an hour of my time for a $2.00 beer?  Oh! what the hell in for a penny in for a pound, it’s a warm sunny Saturday and it would be nice to take a run up the river after doing yard work.

Kimmy and I jump in the outboard give the 9.9 Johnson a pull and we’re off out the 2016-05-30_9-48-17channel and up the Saint John River on our way to the island. Fifteen minutes running at the wind burn speed of 15 miles per hour we arrive to see Nancy and crew scrubbing last year’s marine grunge off a 16 ft zoooom, zooooom speed boat called Brown Sugar.

After a hour or so of scrubbing the little beast is ready to be baptized.  We hook up the boat trailer and up the drive way 50 yards to the beach we go. Then back-up … no a little more to the left,,,, no I mean the other left….t.. Ok ahead a bit … now back, back…….Then I remember, “Where the hell is that free beer I was promised”.  …..”Watch the tree, that’s good, now straight back….back”. The boat is in the water and guess what…. someone actually remembered to put the drain plug in. Do you suppose it had anything to do with Nancy screaming; “Don’t forget the plug“.

It’s getting on and it’s time for us to head back to Saint John another hair-raising 15 mile per hour trip across Grand Bay. As luck would have it the wind has come up out of the sou-west at about 25 miles per hour. Who would have guessed that only happens what? …. only nineteen  days out of twenty.

So the wind is blowing up the river and the river is flowing out. Anyone that knows anything about boating knows that means short steep waves.

Bang! bang! bang! over the waves we go. Shit, I hope I don’t pound the bottom out of the boat. Not too bad for me I’m at the stern hanging on to the motor and my life jacket while poor Kimmy is up near the bow where she feels every aquatic mountain that we slam into.

She highly recommends this exercise to any of the ladies that want to loose a few pounds off their …..well you know….posterior?

We finally make it back to the boat club and Kimmy’s hair looks like a drunk squirrel was trying to make a nest out of it. She looks at me like a person who has just run the Boston Marathon and says…… “I need a drink”.

The closest watering hole is the Pub Down Under at the lower level of the Holiday Inn on Main Street. We make our way over, park the car and stagger in. Kimmy orders a tall cold “near beer” and I go for the 20 oz. Barking Squirrel. Kimmy orders one of her favorites steak and eggs for 6 bucks and I go for the 2 home made burgers for $5.50. After about 5 minutes Kimmy’s steak and eggs show up, it looks good and I’m wishing I had ordered the same …. until my 2 home made burgers arrived.

I just had to take a picture of my burgers…. if you can find a better deal in Saint John for five bucks would you let me know?  Ah! Life is good in Saint John.