Letter to the Editor – Educated Decision?


There is some gallows humour around that says  it might be a good idea for the Gallant Government to abolish sitting in the house altogether, until the end of their mandate.

This way it will maybe slow down the number of ill conceived decisions they make.

Can you remember a Government that has flip flopped more, avoided more very important issues and meddled in more unnecessary areas.

Leaving aside the millions squandered on a failing shipyard, the College fees issue is a blatant example.

Bearing in mind the well known fact that if people get something for nothing they do not appreciate it. The Gallant government dismantled a system that worked well. I know personally of graduates who took a job in NB upon graduation and will now lose $25 – 30,000 just so some other students can have free tuition and will have no obligation to work in the Province. If these people want to go to college why can’t they, at least, support some of the cost themselves by getting a job.

Both my grandsons have worked long hard hours to contribute to their education. Might I add that they are better young men for it.

If it is true that people get the Government they deserve then surely the NB residents have been very bad indeed.