The Down Side of Democracy


    Has anyone been watching or keeping current with the US Democratic and Republican primaries?  We have Donald Trump AKA “The Donald” as the presumptive leader of the Republican party. On the Democratic side we have Hilary Clinton on the verge of beating out Bernie Sanders.

    Democratic candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is viewed as the least honest and trustworthy of all Democratic and Republican candidates, ….as John Oliver might say; “Holy F***”.

    When asked whether they thought Hillary was honest and trustworthy 56 % say she isn’t. The Donald beat Clinton in the trustworthiness category by 4%, …not exactly what you would say is a ringing endorsement for the next leader of the most powerful country in the world is it? Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is seen as overwhelmingly more honest and trustworthy than Clinton or Trump, Sanders beats Clinton by a margin of 32 percentage points.

    It makes you wonder why Trump and Clinton are in the lead doesn’t it?  What does it say about the delegates that are voting?
    Right here in our own backyard we have our very own election just around the corner. During a recent conversation one young lady volunteered that she was voting for Darling, when asked why the reply, he seems like a nice guy he’s handsome and I like his smile. Hell yes, every time I climb into a plane I check to see if the pilot seems like a nice guy, why worry about whether the pilot is competent?


    An idiot and Einstein show up to vote in a national election. The idiot votes for George Bush and Einstein votes for Abraham Lincoln (assume Lincoln is alive for this exercise).

    What is the net result? …..ZERO.

    The two votes cancel one another, the problem is that there are more idiots (or ill informed people) in the world than there are Einsteins and that is the down side of the democratic system. As a consequence in the absence of a well informed, well educated electorate we run the risk of electing leaders, locally as well,  based on who has the most money and the most resources to commit to an election campaign.  We run the risk of choosing leaders based on a popularity contest.

    Imagine if hockey teams were established based on popularity instead of ability. Hell at the very least it would push the Toronto Maple Leafs further up in the ratings.

    Tomorrow we all have a chance to vote, please  for the sake of the city and our future make your choices based on more than a smile and a multi thousand dollar election campaign?