Saint John Needs a Rob Ford



    Several thousand people showed up the other day to pay their respects to the former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.

    People were able to set aside the drug and alcohol issues that were a part of his private life and were able to recognize his contribution to Toronto.

    As the mayor of Toronto he was sensitive to the needs of his over 2,000,000 constituents, he would return phone calls and visit citizens who had municipal related problems. He was of the people and for the people, he was not afraid to lock horns with the demanding unions wanting more and more. When he ran for the mayor of Toronto his slogan was ” Stop the gravy train”

    New Brunswick sits at the bottom of the pack among all provinces and territories for the percent of non-family persons with low-income and Saint John ranks 46 out of 57 Cities Reducing Poverty communities” (source Human Development Council 2014) yet the average combined salary and benefit package for City employees is well over $100,000 per year, an amount over three times greater than an average single income earner,  $30,484. Where is the fairness and equity?2016-03-31_1245


    This coming May Saint John will chose a new Mayor and Council to “serve the people” to “make the tough decisions” in the interest of the taxpayers. Saint John could do worse than to elect a Mayor with the passion and dedication of a Rob Ford, perhaps Rex Murphy said it best.