Savior or Demigod?


    The Trump train just seems to keep gathering steam doesn’t it? He calls Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, Muslims hate us, the Chinese are ripping us off, the same with the Japanese….. but he loves everyone. “People love me he screams”, “I love everyone” Am I the only person that sees a contradiction in his rhetoric? The Donald even has the crowds pledging to vote for Trump. “Promise” he says.

    Does the word “demigod come to mind? A TV evangelist couldn’t do better job of fleecing potential voters. He has turned the American political system in the most powerful country in the world into reality TV.

    I listened to a radio program this morning that referred to a few movies from the past that 2016-03-06_1556carried an important message as it relates to the capacity of an individual to command ” group think” or should I say the sheep think.  I took the time to watch one of the movies called A Face in The Crowd.  An Arkansas drifter becomes an overnight media sensation. As he becomes drunk with fame and power he eventually finds his way into the political system. The media including TV will provide him with the opportunity to get the sheep to follow his wishes. I have included a few short clips from the movie that speaks volumes and perhaps provides and indication of what is happening in the American political system in 2016.