Whats in a Name?

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo  and Juliet meet and fall in love in Shakespeare’s lyrical tale of “star-cross’d” lovers. They are doomed from the start as members of two warring families. Here Juliet tells Romeo that a name is an artificial and meaningless convention, and that she loves the person who is called “Montague”, not the Montague name and not the Montague family. Romeo, out of his passion for Juliet, rejects his family name and vows, as Juliet asks, to “deny (his) father” and instead be “new baptized” as Juliet’s lover. This one short line encapsulates their struggle.

Hummm….. I wonder if the same can be said for the handle adopted by political parties? We  certainly know the well meaning  intentions  behind words like “Conservative” ; “Liberal”, “Democrat”, “Green” and even the “PLO” {Palestine Liberation Organization}  but do the actions of these political parties measure up to thei lofty principles?

As I ponder this question I can’t help but wonder about “Duffygate” and if Stephen Harper’s appointment of Mike Duffy to the Senate was to strengthen the democratic safety net, the “second sober look” as was intended by the Senate?

Or was the Duffy appointment made to capitalize on the ex-media personality’s national notoriety to fund raise at speaking engagements ?    

If the fund raising monies were used to lower the national debt, to invest in early childhood education or some other worthy cause then we should request the Pope elevate his status to Saint Stephen. However if the monies are used to simply fatten the PC’s coffers so that Harper can have another kick at the political can then  I personally would have to question expressions or titles like “the right honorable”. 

Will the current ongoing “crap” be enough to have voters take a second sober look during the next federal election? Time will tell.

Back to what’s in a name……… one reader believes that “the name” should reflect the values and actions of  the organization or the party and offered the following. 

Subject: New Name for the Federal Conservative Party
The Conservative Party, as it is now known, went through several name revisions since it’s origination. Over the years Reform and Canadian Alliance went from being separate parties and merged to become the Canadian Reform Alliance Party (C.R.A.P. for short, which was fitting). In February 2006 Peter MacKay sold out his fellow Progressive Conservatives and had the party merge with with Canadian Alliance Party. The merged parties changed the name to the current Conservative Party. Since becoming the majority government I think it is time the Conservative Party considers a new name which truly reflects their method of governing. My suggestion would be: The S.L.I.M.E.B.A.L.L. Party which would be the acronym for Sneaky, Lying, Ideological, Malicious,Evil, Backstabbing, Arrogant, Lowdown, Larcenous.
How about the FU Party…….(Fed Up Party}?
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  1. Brian Stone

    And are you are trying to say that they are worse than the totally arrogant & corrupt Liberals who preceded them?
    I think not.

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