As if Monsanto hasn’t done enough damage to nature, the mega-biotech company announced it had patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. News alert: Monsanto, we don’t want your “franken-joints!” continue reading>>>> 748

  Just Don’t Believe Them (After A Visit To Beaconfield Middle School April 2015 ) There are mumbles and grumblings about inattentive kids complaints about how many of them don’t appear as if they want to live just don’t believe them.. you might hear that today the young don’t have any respect or of how […]

151 The World Bank’s goal is to end extreme poverty and to grow income for the poorest people on the planet. The bank does this by lending money and giving grants to governments and private corporations in some of the least developed places on the planet. For example, money goes to preserving land, building dams […]

Interested in a houseboat holiday? Your floating cottage will let you fish, swim and sightsee while changing your watery location daily. Here are 10 suggestions, courtesy of the Canadian Tourism Commission, on where to steer a rented houseboat, or bateau -maison, and websites of outfitters: continue reading>>>> 300


Too Terrible Too Chilling The instant you notice it’s gone your blood turns cold panic sets in confusion and irritation begin family and friends call on the phone they get lambasted for no reason they can ascertain at all until you admit a major disruption has taken over a piece of plastic centimeters thick has […]

continue>>> 212

She’s A Queen

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She’s A Queen

She’s A Queen Queen Street West is the top of the hill head down Ludow Street toward the bridge to the city in a car the kids raise their arms as if in a roller coaster go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if you walk down the steep hill the sight you get until you get to the bottom […]

San Diego doctor is helping people discern what cats are trying to convey with their 16 meows When it comes to cats, those meows mean … well, a lot of things. With each purr, yowl or even blink, felines are saying, “Hello,” “Let’s snuggle” or “Beat it, Mom.” For the increasing number of cat owners […]

Building Healthy Communities The YMCA of Greater Saint John will be hosting the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at the Y’s Glenn Carpenter Centre. The meeting will start promptly at 12 noon and a light lunch will be provided. A video walk-through and an update on the new Saint John Regional Y […]

Koch Brothers EXPOSED
Koch Brothers EXPOSED

  The last time we exposed the Koch Brothers’ dealings to the world we here at Brave New Films wound up in their crosshairs. They produced online ad campaigns attacking us, but, it takes more than a banner ad to slow us down. We’ve reissued Koch Brothers Exposed in an updated version, Koch Brothers Exposed: […]

 April 13, 2015: Effects of herbicides, insecticides need eternal scrutiny
 April 12, 2015: Toxic Weed Killer Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) Found in Breast Milk, Infant Formula
 April 11, 2015: Chinese citizens sue government over transparency on Monsanto herbicide er-transparency-on-monsanto-herbicide
 April 10, 2015: Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists
 April 8, 2015: This Mistake Will End Your Career’ — the Advice That Almost Doomed Me…
 April 8, 2015: Monsanto implicated in litigation in China over Roundup
 April 8, 2015: Saint John lands $7.5M barge terminal
 April 7, 2015: EXCLUSIVE: sudden awakening of consciousness in Irving: The NB eliminate its debt by the end of April
 April 7, 2015: Advocacy Group Demands Monsanto Retract Ridiculous Comments on WHO Glyphosate Report
 April 6, 2015: Even though they greatly depend on government services, the Irving group of companies pay no or very little taxes.
 April 4, 2015: New Brunswick – Worse than a Banana Republic
 March 31, 2015: Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide: The WHO Glyphosate Report Ends A Thirty Year Cancer Cover Up
 March 30, 2015: Monsanto’s Permanent Revolving Door in Washington | Brainwash Update
 March 30, 2015: Have Some it Good for You!
 March 30, 2015: Monsanto’s Weedkiller a Concern for World Health Organization
 March 30, 2015: Scientist Pretends Monsanto Products Are Entirely Secure to Drink
 March 29, 2015: The Winner’s Secret, If its Good, …….Make it Better
 March 28, 2015: Drink Up, It’s Good For You
 March 28, 2015: NEW | Future Shop stores closed across Canada, some to become Best Buy

Splinter He’s been wounded in war had broken bones like his big toe and any number of fingers cut his forearm to the point that at the time he lost count of the number of stitches but nothing has ever been quite as painful as when his child got a tiny splinter between the fingernail […]

 April 15, 2015: Out with Harper in with Harry
 April 14, 2015: Supreme Court quashes mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes
 April 14, 2015: Saint John fire chief points out training gap for large fuel fires
 April 14, 2015: Less Blessed
 April 13, 2015: John Volunteer Centre goes Virtual
 April 13, 2015: YMCA of Greater Saint John Achieves Accreditation from Imagine Canada’s Standard Program
 April 13, 2015: Musing About You
 April 12, 2015: Janet Kidd Saint John – Model of Health
 April 12, 2015: For Those That Disappeared
 April 11, 2015: Wild December
 April 10, 2015: Bilingualism benefits unilingual New Brunswickers Study Debunked
 April 10, 2015: Good-bye Marianna Stack and Thank You.
 April 10, 2015: And Your Answer Is?
 April 9, 2015: When Did This Become This?
 April 8, 2015: Saint John Regional Y 2 Months Ahead of Schedule.
 April 8, 2015: Saint John Volunteer Centre will close office, lay off staff
 April 8, 2015: ANALYSIS | Can the Conservatives afford another Mike Duffy hit?
 April 8, 2015: What A War Can Become
 April 8, 2015: Letter to the Editor – Tuning Saint John Transit.
Your Morning Smile – Yikes!! A 3D Printer
Your Morning Smile – Yikes!! A 3D Printer


 April 16, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Spousal Search
 April 15, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Sleeping with Bob.
 April 14, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Just One of the Boys
 April 13, 2015: Your Morning Smile – It’s Not Working!
 April 12, 2015: Your Morning Smile – The Grounds for Violence
 April 11, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Wine for Seniors
 April 10, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Speaking of Marriage, One for the Ladies
 April 9, 2015: Your Morning Smile – The Rejected Prince
 April 8, 2015: Your Morning Smile -Forest Gump goes to Heaven
 April 7, 2015: Pure Road Rage: Man From Quebec Taunts Family In A Car With A Chainsaw!
 April 7, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Outdoorsman
 April 6, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Dr. Geezer
 April 5, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Kindness and Caring
 April 5, 2015: Get Creative!
 April 4, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Drinks for Everyone
 April 3, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Tough Teacher
 April 2, 2015: J.D. Irving buys Saint John for Parking Lot
 April 2, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Math for Success
 April 1, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Lone Ranger Wisdom
Toddler falls into cheetah enclosure after mum dangles him over railings
Toddler falls into cheetah enclosure after mum dangles him over railings

Apparently one mother in Cleveland didn’t and she accidentally dropped her child over railings at the city’s zoo. The unnamed boy fell about 10 feet when his mum decided he needed a better view. continue reading>>> 960

 April 7, 2015: Street Corner Morning Conference
 April 7, 2015: Reaching the Top 50
 April 7, 2015: Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist over anti-Kiev posts
 April 6, 2015: Unity
 April 6, 2015: The Richest One Percent
 April 6, 2015: Easter Sunday Picture
 April 5, 2015: Change Of Venue Final
 April 4, 2015: At Least Once In A Life Time Be Touched By Someone
 April 3, 2015: Change Of Venue
 April 3, 2015: Assimilation or Segregation?
 April 2, 2015: What it Takes to Be #1
 April 2, 2015: Change Of Venue Part Three
 April 1, 2015: Change Of Venue Part Two
 March 31, 2015: The Famous Of Saint John
 March 30, 2015: Book Review – Starting to Fame
 March 30, 2015: Pure Speculation But Isn’t It A Nice Thought
 March 30, 2015: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Boat.
 March 29, 2015: Dumb and Dumber – Entitlement or Segregation?
 March 28, 2015: To Oligarch or Not to Oligarch…. That is the Question.
Chess Anyone?
Hummm... pawn to E4

Editor’s Note: The Senate was established and  meant to provide a sober second look at legislation before it was passed and became law. It would seem that Duffy’s appointment to the Senate by Stephen Harper was designed to raise money for the Conservative Party, in what way did raising money to fatten the Conservative coffers […]

 April 13, 2015: Updated | Mike Duffy trial: Taxpayers billed for non-Senate business, court hears
 April 13, 2015: New |Bill Clinton says he’ll be ‘backstage’ as Hillary campaigns
 April 12, 2015: Mike Duffy diaries reveal frailties, foibles and desire to be popular
 April 10, 2015: New Brunswick is flat on its fiscal back
 April 8, 2015: Afghan soldier fires on U.S. troops, wounding three, before being shot dead
 April 5, 2015: When Will the Excuses Stop and the Action Begin?
 April 4, 2015: Tracks in the Snow
 April 3, 2015: Is Nova Scotia the next Detroit?
 April 2, 2015: Kenya’s Garissa University College stormed by gunmen, at least 70 dead, hostages taken
 April 2, 2015: N.B. Education Spending
 March 27, 2015: Senate Passes GOP Budget After Late-Night Debate
 March 26, 2015: Another Bites the Dust
 March 24, 2015: Letter to the Editor – Crown Forest Agreement Review?
 March 20, 2015: Yemen mosques attacked by suicide bombers, killing at least 137
 March 20, 2015: Strike One!
 March 20, 2015: Typical Politician?
 March 16, 2015: Updated Costco Canada’s fish import licence suspended by food safety watchdog
 March 16, 2015: Call your MLA to Scrap The Forestry Deal
 March 14, 2015: Snow Removal or Snow Job?
Charles Gorman Presentation
Charles Gorman Presentation

The Saint John Free Public Library will co-host two free evenings of talks about one of Saint John’s greatest all-round athletes, Charles Gorman. The two evenings will be Wednesday, February 11, 7pm at Market Square, and feature a talk about Gorman and his military and athletic career. The second talk will be on Thursday, February […]

 February 8, 2015: Officials: 25 people killed in Egyptian soccer match riot
 February 8, 2015: Bruce Jenner Crahes SUV
 February 4, 2015: Now There’s A Real Man
 February 2, 2015: Super Bowl XLIX Highlights
 January 24, 2015: Chicago Cubs icon Ernie Banks dead at 83
 January 1, 2015: Saint John rinks on thin ice as city looks to cut costs
 January 1, 2015: World Juniors: Canada edges U.S. to stay undefeated
 December 19, 2014: Aquille Carr released by Saint John Mill Rats
 December 9, 2014: More than a Hockey Player
 December 9, 2014: The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy
 December 3, 2014: Beloved Habs hockey legend Jean Béliveau dies at 83
 November 24, 2014: Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans celebrate another trip to the Grey Cup
 November 2, 2014: Wilson Kipsang Of Kenya Wins 2014 NYC Marathon Men’s Title
 October 27, 2014: A Commercial, But……. a Good One
 October 23, 2014: Pittsburgh Penguins show solidarity by playing ‘O Canada’
 August 26, 2014: Oldies But……Goldies
 July 15, 2014: Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise