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CBC Top Headlines

TOP HEADLINES Ottawa shooting: Kevin Vickers hailed as hero who helped stop attacker Atlantic Canada cadet training programs cancelled as precaution Drug plan co-payments collection policy in dispute Wanted: International students to boost Atlantic university enrolment New Brunswick legislature closes after Ottawa shooting Shale gas protester admits assaulting RCMP officer in Rexton Kyle Edmund Scott […]

LIVE | Police sources tell CBC there is more than 1 suspect, downtown remains in lockdown   Shooter still believed at large in downtown Ottawa. Police searching cars leaving Ottawa trying to go to Quebec. Report of additional shot fired near Chateau Laurier hotel, east of Parliament Hill. Police going door to door on Sparks Street; […]

Most Viewed NB Liquor banning public solicitation at stores Man found badly injured on Waterloo Street Driver removed from Saint John bus, charged with impaired driving Shelley Rinehart named Liberal candidate in Saint John East Backup power equipment failures ‘brought GNB down’ 2nd-degree murder charge laid in death of N.B. teen in Alberta Canaport LNG […]

CBC News
CBC News

Plans for oil terminal on Chaleur Bay raise rail safety concerns Canaport LNG faces charges for bird kill Shelley Rinehart named Liberal candidate in Saint John East ‘Outdoor deficit disorder’ fuelling obesity crisis, expert says CBSA audit finds sloppy storage and disposal of items seized at border Quispamsis council asked to reconsider curbside recycling ACAP […]

 October 20, 2014: Number of American tourists crossing N.B. border reaches all-time low
 October 20, 2014: ACAP Saint John director steps down with harbour cleanup done
 October 20, 2014: World Business
 October 20, 2014: Canaport LNG faces charges for bird kill
 October 19, 2014: Simushir, fuel-laden Russian cargo ship, under tow off Haida Gwaii
 October 17, 2014: Owner Considers Closing Apartments
 October 16, 2014: Allied Fibre says Moncton the hub of fibreoptic superhighway
 October 16, 2014: Breakthrough To Allow Mini Nuclear Reactors Just 7 By 10 Feet
 October 14, 2014: The top ten Flash Light applications for your Smart Phone are all Mal-Ware.
 October 14, 2014: Lobster fishermen in Alma, N.B. are optimistic for profitable season
 October 12, 2014: US-led air war a boon for defense contractors
 October 11, 2014: Firestone Did What Governments Have Not: Stopped Ebola In Its Tracks
 October 10, 2014: Say No to Forestry Feudalism
 October 9, 2014: How Alberta’s oil patch teamed up with the ‘little guys’ for an end run around Obama
 October 8, 2014: No Turkey This Year
 October 8, 2014: “. . . a problem well put is half solved.”
 October 8, 2014: Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds Oil Route Around Obama
 October 7, 2014: Major train derailment and fire near Wadena, Sask. Officials worried about toxic smoke from burning railcars
Grumpy People Get the Details Right
Grumpy People Get the Details Right
 October 20, 2014: Suck it up Buttercup – I See Something
 October 20, 2014: Shelley Rinehart named Liberal candidate in Saint John East
 October 20, 2014: Your Morning Smile – One Happy Family
 October 19, 2014: The Beat Goes On
 October 19, 2014: No Fat Jokes Here
 October 19, 2014: Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue
 October 18, 2014: Municipal Jeopardy 2 – Answers
 October 18, 2014: Full Circle?
 October 17, 2014: Dominic Cardy urged to run in Saint John East byelection
 October 17, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Kindness
 October 17, 2014: Municipal Jeopardy 2
 October 17, 2014: Requiem For A Feline
 October 16, 2014: New Brunswick Home Building Company Joins Forces with CHAT to the Future
 October 15, 2014: Municipal Jeopardy Results
 October 15, 2014: NBCC students clean up the old north end.
 October 15, 2014: YMCA seeks outstanding individuals for the 2015 Red Triangle & Leader to Watch Awards
 October 15, 2014: Saint John East MLA-elect Gary Keating resigns
 October 15, 2014: Maritime Jeoprady
 October 15, 2014: For All The Uncle Freddies
Your Morning Smile – Drink Up!
Your Morning Smile – Drink Up!

      I found myself in a pub in Cork. A group of American tourists came in. One of the Americans said, in a loud voice, “I hear you Irish think you’re great drinkers. I’ll bet 5,000 euros that no-one here can drink 30 pints of Guinness in 30 minutes.” The bar was silent, the American noticed […]

 October 21, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Powers of Observation
 October 19, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Exercise
 October 19, 2014: Women Continue to Confuse Us…
 October 18, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Guide to Survival
 October 17, 2014: Graphic Proof
 October 16, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Happy Anniverary
 October 14, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Never Fight With a Woman
 October 13, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Thanksgiving Divorce
 October 12, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Thankful Your a Cow
 October 10, 2014: Archaeologists Think They Know Why Mysterious ‘Witch Girl’ Was Given Deviant Burial
 October 10, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Post Election Pondering
 October 9, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Smarter Than You Thought
 October 8, 2014: Canada’s Air Combat Role
 October 8, 2014: The Truth About Pets and Personality
 October 8, 2014: Your Morning Smile – True Confessions
 October 7, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Protection
 October 6, 2014: The Male vs. Female Brain
 October 6, 2014: Your Morning Smile -Too much???
 October 5, 2014: Your Morning Smile – My Will….
 October 22, 2014: Horde of Deer Occupying the Road at Nara.
 October 17, 2014: Ebola deaths near 4,500 as virus spreads in West Africa: WHO
 October 16, 2014: Unspoken Love
 October 14, 2014: Why Transit?
 October 14, 2014: Should Canada allow contraceptives for dogs and cats?
 October 14, 2014: Pillows
 October 13, 2014: Fish Quiz: Fact or Fiction?
 October 13, 2014: Symphony New Brunswick Starts off the 2014-2015 season with Passion
 October 13, 2014: A Brand New Dawn
 October 13, 2014: What am I Thankful For?
 October 12, 2014: A Brand New Dawn
 October 12, 2014: Crescent Valley Casino Fundraiser
 October 12, 2014: Impaired Transit Riders Fight Back
 October 12, 2014: A Beautiful Wedding and a Singing Priest
 October 12, 2014: Anti-poverty group pushes for higher minimum wage
 October 12, 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)
 October 10, 2014: Empty Seat (Thanksgiving 2014)
 October 10, 2014: Saint John Regional Hospital photos show dirty rooms
 October 9, 2014: The Operating Room of the Future – InSightec – Dr. Kobi Vortman Technion Alumnus
Municipal Jeopardy – Who Said That?
Municipal Jeopardy –  Who Said That?

Our Saint John political participants don’t seem to being all that well when it comes to when, who and where with our Municipal Jeopardy game.  Let’s try something a little more current and maybe we’ll have better luck.. The quote is: “We’ve got the ball now, lets move it down the field, The citizens of […]

 October 21, 2014: NDP’s Dominic Cardy will run in the Saint John East byelection
 October 20, 2014: Shelley Rinehart named Liberal candidate in Saint John East
 October 16, 2014: U.S.-Led Airstrikes Stall Islamic State Militants’ Advance On Kobani
 October 16, 2014: Letter to the Editor – Action Must be Taken
 October 14, 2014: Council Open Houses — Meet Your Councillors
 October 14, 2014: New | Life in the shadow of ISIS: ‘We are afraid to speak’
 October 14, 2014: Municipal Crop Failure
 October 13, 2014: IS jihadists execute four women in northern Iraq
 October 10, 2014: Rex Murphy: Party Positions on the ISIS Debate
 October 10, 2014: CBC NEWS ALERT
 October 8, 2014: CBC News Online – New Brunswick Digest – 2014-10-08
 October 7, 2014: Coalition Warplanes Reportedly Strike ISIS in Support of Kurds
 October 7, 2014: Know When to Hold ‘em Know When to Fold’em
 October 6, 2014: To Defeat Islamic State, Remove Assad
 October 6, 2014: Brian Gallant’s 13-member cabinet will be smallest in 50 years
 October 6, 2014: Letter to the Editor – Hats Off and Thank You
 October 5, 2014: Seniors’ prescription co-payments questioned
 October 4, 2014: Jean-Claude Duvalier, ex-Haitian dictator, dead at 63
 October 4, 2014: Hong Kong Protesters Move to Rally Supporters
Oldies But……Goldies
Oldies But……Goldies

  The following is my interview with Jon McQueen following this year’s Dragon Boat races at Renforth So Jon, how did you do in the Renforth Dragon Boat Festival? Hollis Wealth,s Balding White Tops prevailed again. Named after our name sake the American’s Emblem. Really? Was it an easy win! Tell us? No! We began […]

 July 15, 2014: Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise
 June 2, 2014: Secretariat Heart Of A Champion
 May 30, 2014: So you THINK you can Write?
 May 4, 2014: NBA To Appoint CEO For L.A. Clippers
 April 30, 2014: Donald Sterling incident shows the dark side of the NBA’s owner-player relationship
 April 20, 2014: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dead at 76
 February 23, 2014: Gold Rush: Russia tops final Sochi 2014 medal count
 February 21, 2014: Marielle Thompson, Kelsey Serwa win gold, silver in ski cross
 February 20, 2014: Canada’s women defend Olympic hockey gold in OT thriller (VIDEO)
 February 20, 2014: Finnished! Russian Hockey Team Bounced Out Of Olympics
 February 8, 2014: Alleged Olympic vote-swapping deal would keep Canada from gold
 February 6, 2014: George Zimmerman to fight rapper DMX
 February 6, 2014: Sochi – FREESTYLE SKIING
 February 6, 2014: Threat of Explosives on Planes into Russia
 January 21, 2014: Sochi still scrambling to sell Olympic tickets
 January 20, 2014: Putin on Sochi: I would very much like sports not to be marred by politics
 January 19, 2014: Following the Olympic Torch (RT Documentary)