Because I Have To Work (For The Men & Women On The Westside That Wait) “Because I have to work” he said “To feed the family to keep our beds to keep the roof over our heads so I have to work.. we don’t own a car so we don’t have many opportunities to go […]

About eight years ago when I had taken my car in for the annual MVI,  I was told the front tires should be replaced. The mechanic told me that although the tires still had plenty of thread, the radial had slipped, or something to that effect, and the tires would  have to be replaced. In […]

But You Only Have Two Feet “But you only have two feet” But you can never have enough if you don’t own a car if you constantly walk you can never have enough.. you may wear out the soles get a pair wet or rip out the tongue the sole may begin flap a heel […]

The odyssey of the Marco Polo when examined closely mirrors in many ways the history and fate of the city of Saint John. She like the city was built by ingenuous, hard working, loyal, dedicated individuals whose focus was strength, quality, survival and greatness. Neither the builders of the Marco Polo or our city fathers […]


SimCity Revisited

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SimCity Revisited

My time flies when your having fun. After the last municipal election we all waited with bated breath for the new Council, “Saviors of the City“ so to speak or so we hoped. At the time I considered buying a copy of SimCity for each of the Councilors. SimCity is a challenging simulation computer game […]

He Sits And Listens To The Ticking of His Watch It was a long day perhaps one of the hottest days in Saint John the business of taking care of business made more painful by the blazing of the sun by mid-day if this were Spain it would have been siesta time but for one […]

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The Simple Recipe On How To One large oversized pot or one medium sized pot or one small pot even a deep frying pan will do.. pour four cups of water maybe three perhaps two one might even do if hard pressed even an inch or two.. place whatever size pot or pan the deep […]

The Dow fell about 1,000 points at the opening bell today amid a global sell-off and after a roller-coaster ride throughout the day was down more than 588 points at the closing bell, down more than 3.58 percent, its worst day in four years. read more >>>>>>

Fives Don’t Hire Nines
Fives Don’t Hire Nines

I went to Costco on some months ago to check out fire extinguishers. The parking lot we filled to capacity except for a few spots at the very back of the lot. Shoppers were  lined up at all the checkouts 4 and 5 deep. Did you know that the folks at Costco actually keep track […]

 August 16, 2015: Media and the Message
 August 12, 2015: Kraft Heinz slashing 2,500 jobs in Canada, U.S. after merger
 August 12, 2015: employees via email with no warning
 August 12, 2015: Miramichi Rallies Against Job Losses
 August 11, 2015: Things are falling apart in China
 August 11, 2015: Charles Thériault Speaks at Miramichi Survival Town Hall Meeting
 August 9, 2015: States To Override Their Mandatory GMO Labeling Laws
 August 7, 2015: From Financial Feast to Financial Famine?
 August 6, 2015: 21 Century Power Barons and the Demise of Community Based Business
 August 5, 2015: Seattle Suing Monsanto.
 August 5, 2015: For Miramichi Lumber – Conservatives? Liberals? ……Pick Your Poison
 July 28, 2015: The End of Facebook?
 July 26, 2015: Miramichi Rally
 July 15, 2015: Monsanto, Starbucks, Walmart Respond to Neil Young’s New Album
 July 12, 2015: Most Important Message
 July 8, 2015: Gallant government sends Larry’s Gulch report to prosecutor
 July 7, 2015: Stan Carew, host of CBC Radio’s Weekend Mornings, dead at 64
 June 19, 2015: Do Not Run, Do Not Hide
 June 19, 2015: Trump is Trumped
August – You Can’t Fix Stupid Awards
August – You Can’t Fix Stupid Awards

  Runner up – Horizon Health will not let handicapped people park in the new lot “reserved” for handicapped folks because the new gate has not been installed and it might set a precedent? Talk about a PR nightmare….do you think the vast majority of able bodied people give a damn if handicapped people folks […]

 August 22, 2015: The Correct Way On How To Watch
 August 21, 2015: Your Morning Smile – How Do You Like Your Eggs?
 August 21, 2015: The Silent Screen
 August 20, 2015: Action Required
 August 19, 2015: Miramichi is in a job crisis. Make some noise
 August 19, 2015: We Don’t Know Jack!
 August 19, 2015: Preserves for Pets
 August 18, 2015: YMCA David Walker Memorial Fund Recipient
 August 18, 2015: Summer at the Zoo
 August 18, 2015: Questioned Then Answered
 August 17, 2015: Time to Stop Fiddling
 August 16, 2015: Cats Eyes And Marbles
 August 15, 2015: 5 Conservative senators who conspired with the PMO to “protect Senator Duffy”
 August 14, 2015: To The Nay Sayers And Well Intentioned “Because Really You Just Never Know “
 August 13, 2015: All Blown Away
 August 12, 2015: Solitude Of The Moment
 August 11, 2015: Listed
 August 10, 2015: A Place Called Home
 August 8, 2015: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore…(reprint)
Your Morning Smile – Strip Join
Your Morning Smile – Strip Join


 August 28, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Worse Job in the World
 August 26, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Wanna Hear a Blonde Joke?
 August 25, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Screwed
 August 23, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Gone Fishin’
 August 20, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Harper, Nobell Prize Winner
 August 19, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Product Placement
 August 18, 2015: Your Morning Smile – The Numbers Game
 August 17, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Security
 August 16, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Play Ball
 August 13, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Modern Religion
 August 12, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Oh Well
 August 11, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Do Ya Like Ta Dance?
 August 10, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Lost in Translation
 August 9, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Good Time
 August 7, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Late for a Lecture
 August 6, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Sunday Special
 August 5, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Aspirins
 August 4, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Milking the Easy Way
 August 1, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Jesus is Watching You
Cognitive Dissonance, Alive and Well? (reprint)
Cognitive Dissonance, Alive and Well? (reprint)

Editor’s Note: With the federal election close at hand you voters might like to reaquaint themselves with Mr. Harper’s position on the use of marijuana. The following is a re-post of an article from 18 months ago.   A funny thing happened on the way to coffee this morning. I was listening to a CBC […]

 August 7, 2015: You Just Never Know
 August 6, 2015: Don’t You Just Hate It When You When You Want To Say Something And They Don’t Want To Hear It
 August 5, 2015: Prismatic Art Festival | Clyde A. Wray
 July 31, 2015: The Kindness Of Wastebasket
 July 30, 2015: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off to Camp They Go!
 July 30, 2015: Notes Are All I Can Do
 July 30, 2015: When I Grow Up
 July 28, 2015: 2016 A Few Of The Republican Presidential Candidates
 July 27, 2015: A Sad Day for Saint John
 July 27, 2015: Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at 22
 July 22, 2015: Tell Mel We Need a Sober Second Look. – Update
 July 22, 2015: It Does Get A Little Tiresome
 July 21, 2015: Home At The Movies – Poltergeist Review
 July 21, 2015: Over the Falls….Without a Barrel
 July 20, 2015: Sunday in Saint John
 July 19, 2015: When and Why?
 July 18, 2015: Leave No Footprints
 July 18, 2015: Truth or Tyranny?
 July 18, 2015: Let It Pass On Through
 July 14, 2015: Support the SPCA/ARL and Amend the Animal Control Bylaw
 July 7, 2015: Running out of Money
 July 2, 2015: Larry’s Gulch list was altered ‘with intent to conceal information’
 July 2, 2015: Mismanagement 101- Not a New Story
 June 29, 2015: The Prince and the Pauper?
 June 25, 2015: Iowa grants gun permits to the blind
 June 23, 2015: Letter to the Editor – ParticipAction
 June 23, 2015: Apples and Oranges
 June 21, 2015: More Saint John 3M
 June 20, 2015: Show Me the Money
 June 19, 2015: The Hand Writing on the Wall?
 June 19, 2015: Company Town Man
 June 18, 2015: Letter to the Editor – A Bird in the Hand
 June 17, 2015: Penny Wise Pound Foolish?
 June 17, 2015: Mel’s Magic Act
 June 16, 2015: Donald Trump: ‘I Am Officially Running For President’
 June 16, 2015: Letter to the Editor – Hired Gun? …..Maybe?
 June 15, 2015: Give Us A Sign
 June 10, 2015: Someone Had to Stepup to the Plate
Charles Gorman Presentation
Charles Gorman Presentation

The Saint John Free Public Library will co-host two free evenings of talks about one of Saint John’s greatest all-round athletes, Charles Gorman. The two evenings will be Wednesday, February 11, 7pm at Market Square, and feature a talk about Gorman and his military and athletic career. The second talk will be on Thursday, February […]

 February 8, 2015: Officials: 25 people killed in Egyptian soccer match riot
 February 8, 2015: Bruce Jenner Crahes SUV
 February 4, 2015: Now There’s A Real Man
 February 2, 2015: Super Bowl XLIX Highlights
 January 24, 2015: Chicago Cubs icon Ernie Banks dead at 83
 January 1, 2015: Saint John rinks on thin ice as city looks to cut costs
 January 1, 2015: World Juniors: Canada edges U.S. to stay undefeated
 December 19, 2014: Aquille Carr released by Saint John Mill Rats
 December 9, 2014: More than a Hockey Player
 December 9, 2014: The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy
 December 3, 2014: Beloved Habs hockey legend Jean Béliveau dies at 83
 November 24, 2014: Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans celebrate another trip to the Grey Cup
 November 2, 2014: Wilson Kipsang Of Kenya Wins 2014 NYC Marathon Men’s Title
 October 27, 2014: A Commercial, But……. a Good One
 October 23, 2014: Pittsburgh Penguins show solidarity by playing ‘O Canada’
 August 26, 2014: Oldies But……Goldies
 July 15, 2014: Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise