Hello Long-johns Where Are You Hidden Should you or shouldn’t’ you the thought of digging around in a dark mildew closet is disturbing questions remain is it or isn’t it will the sun continue to hide behind dreadfully dark clouds? who thought it would get this cold this fast the closet is a bottomless pit […]

………..and by the way Don’t forget, on this year’s income tax return, to list the names of Members of Parliament and Senators as your “dependents”. EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP… MP’s at work:   not bad for $10,000/month.   Others make only $8,000/month.  A little bit of reading on the side at $11,000 month. Writing your mail at the […]

    The following was a comment to my article “Bail Like Hell” published a month or so ago. “Let’s say the city has the dollars to put more feet on the streets. What is next. Is that going to get people banging at the door to create jobs, fix streets etc. Can you give an example […]


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Imagine in Saint John   Imagine  a new Police Headquarters   Imagine a new Bus Garage     Imagine a new Parking Garage   Imagine a new play park in the Old North End   ImagineImagine a play park for the Old North End Posted by Play Park for the Old North End on Wednesday, […]

The Part That Nobody Ever Talks About There‘s a part of life that no one ever speaks of it should be called “ The Falling Apart “ perhaps it’s because no one really knows when it happens sometimes it happens suddenly at other times slowly sometimes you take no notice of it when it begins […]

  Sitting on the edge of the highway waiting to catch speeders, a state police officer saw a car driving along at 22 mph. He thinks to himself, that car is just as dangerous as a speeder. So, he turns his lights on and pulls the car over. Approaching the car, he notices there are […]

A Moment Alone In The Rain It felt like a good clean cleansing as she stood out in the rain eyes closed she stood not because she didn’t have some place to go or somewhere to be she stood in the rain with the drops of rain rolling down her tortoise shell eye glasses the […]

Editors Note: I posted this story a little over a year ago. During coffee this morning the topic of “life’s little obstacles’” came up so I decided perhaps the article would be worth posting again for those of us who may from time to time see our glass as  “half empty”.   Many of us […]

Taxing Times

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Taxing Times

I recently came across a Huffington Post article comparing property tax rates in Canada  from the lowest in Vancouver at  a typical $3.68 per year in taxes for every $1,000 of assessed home value compared to folks of Regina who pay an outrageous $13.69 for every $1,000 of home value. They should have looked a […]

Saint John Lifeline
Saint John Lifeline

I’ve had an ongoing discussion with one of my early morning coffee group members about Saint John’s future. He continues to promote the “file for bankruptcy approach” and start all over again. His reasoning is that the shared risk pension plan would be wound down, City employees would be given their bag of money to […]

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 September 2, 2014: Bay of Fundy FORCE study looking at tidal power turbine potential
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 August 21, 2014: New Brunswick election: Voters challenged to choose on resources, jobs
 August 20, 2014: New Moncton downtown centre secures $24M from province
 August 18, 2014: New Brunswick Crown Forestry Debate
 August 18, 2014: Judge reserves decision on forestry plan challenge by First Nations chiefs
 August 18, 2014: Spain’s ‘Ghost Airports’: A National Embarrassment?
 August 16, 2014: Paul Browning out as Irving Oil CEO
 August 16, 2014: First Nation chiefs ask court to block forestry agreements
Can’t Make Miracles

Can’t Make Miracles He said “ I’ve tried to act God like but I’ve found there are no pure angels around me I can’t walk on water guess what I found out I can’t split the seas on frozen mornings I can’t miraculously put healthy apples on trees I’m no baker so I can’t make […]

 September 29, 2015: A Darker Case Of The Blues
 September 25, 2015: Misguided Canadian Monarchy?
 September 25, 2015: YMCA Newcomer Connections to Host Information Session on Refugee Support
 September 25, 2015: Disjointed “ Until We Kiss It All Goodbye “ Part II
 September 23, 2015: Until We Kiss It All Goodbye
 September 23, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Why men Are Seldom Depressed
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 September 12, 2015: Sculpture Saint John 2014 (Can Only Hope)
 September 4, 2014: David Coon pledges to cancel forestry deals, hike corporate tax
Your Morning Smile – Painting the Church
Your Morning Smile – Painting  the Church

        There was a Scottish painter named Smokey MacGregor who was very interested in making a penny where he could, so he often thinned down his paint to make it go a wee bit further  .  As it happened, he got away with this for some time, but eventually the local church decided to do […]

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Inside a School for Suicide Bombers
Inside a School for Suicide Bombers

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy takes on a terrifying question: How does the Taliban convince children to become suicide bombers? Propaganda footage from a training camp is intercut with her interviews of young camp graduates. A shocking vision.   920

 September 4, 2014: Sculpture Saint John (Waiting)
 September 3, 2014: YMCA Strut for Strong Kids
 September 2, 2014: What Neuroscience Has To Say About The ‘Tortured Genius’
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 August 29, 2014: It Was On His Birthday
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 August 28, 2014: Saint John Ties Toronto for Gold Medal
 August 27, 2014: Role of hospitals must be reviewed, health expert says
 August 27, 2014: Sculpture Saint John 2014 (The Labor)
 August 26, 2014: Oldies But……Goldies
 August 26, 2014: SPCA/ARL Pet of the Week
 August 26, 2014: Not Black Or White But Good VS Evil
 August 25, 2014: henri’s boogie
 August 25, 2014: This One Is For You
 September 3, 2014: Free Ride?
 September 2, 2014: Brian Gallant’s Liberals hold wide lead in new CRA poll
 September 2, 2014: NB Election 2014 – Charles Thériault
 September 1, 2014: Snowden – The Most Wanted Man in the World
 August 31, 2014: Liberals hold big lead in New Brunswick election: poll
 August 26, 2014: A Steak On Every Plate.
 August 25, 2014: Charles Thériault – Election 2014
 August 25, 2014: Omelettes or Stale Bread?
 August 23, 2014: 2014 Provincial Election Campaign Ad
 August 23, 2014: Saint John mulls parking surcharge to pay for new buses
 August 22, 2014: Smaller parties seek breakthrough in New Brunswick election
 August 22, 2014: Hamas kills 11 suspected informers for Israel by firing squad
 August 22, 2014: Vote for Courage and Conviction and a Mean SOB
 August 21, 2014: New Brunswick Provincial Election – Let’s the Games Begin
 August 21, 2014: James Foley killing: Why ISIS beheaded the U.S. journalist
 August 21, 2014: Only 23% of Canadians Trust Politicians
 August 20, 2014: Strike 6 and Your OUT?
 August 18, 2014: obs, economy top issues of New Brunswick election, premier says
 August 18, 2014: Why ISIS Is So Terrifyingly Effective at Seducing New Recruits
Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius got into a fight in a nightclub, in which he ended up sprawled over a chair, only days after the judge in his murder trial retired to consider a verdict. The fallen star allegedly was involved in a confrontation in the VIP area of a swanky Johannesburg club called the VIP Room, last […]

 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise
 June 2, 2014: Secretariat Heart Of A Champion
 May 30, 2014: So you THINK you can Write?
 May 4, 2014: NBA To Appoint CEO For L.A. Clippers
 April 30, 2014: Donald Sterling incident shows the dark side of the NBA’s owner-player relationship
 April 20, 2014: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dead at 76
 February 23, 2014: Gold Rush: Russia tops final Sochi 2014 medal count
 February 21, 2014: Marielle Thompson, Kelsey Serwa win gold, silver in ski cross
 February 20, 2014: Canada’s women defend Olympic hockey gold in OT thriller (VIDEO)
 February 20, 2014: Finnished! Russian Hockey Team Bounced Out Of Olympics
 February 8, 2014: Alleged Olympic vote-swapping deal would keep Canada from gold
 February 6, 2014: George Zimmerman to fight rapper DMX
 February 6, 2014: Sochi – FREESTYLE SKIING
 February 6, 2014: Threat of Explosives on Planes into Russia
 January 21, 2014: Sochi still scrambling to sell Olympic tickets
 January 20, 2014: Putin on Sochi: I would very much like sports not to be marred by politics
 January 19, 2014: Following the Olympic Torch (RT Documentary)
 January 9, 2014: Dennis Rodman apologizes for North Korea outburst, says he’d been drinking