Why People Choose Cars, Even When Mass Transit Would Serve Them Better The “car effect” explains why so many people choose to drive even when it’s not in their best interest. read more…..

Five conditions will need to be met before government lifts moratorium on all forms of fracking A moratorium on all forms of hydraulic fracturing in New Brunswick is being put in place by Brian Gallant’s government. The bill to impose the moratorium is to be introduced in the legislature on Thursday afternoon. “We have been […]

Carr played high school basketball in East Baltimore where fans called him the Crime Stopper The Saint John Mill Rats have cut a player who was the stuff of local legend on the basketball court at his Baltimore high school. Aquille Carr was described as a freakishly talented player when he was 17-years-old.  At 21, […]

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Children range from 18 months to 15 years old Eight dead children and a woman suffering from stab wounds were found inside a home in a northern Australian city on Friday, police said. Police believe the 34-year-old woman with chest wounds is the mother of seven of the children, and the eighth child is believed […]

Editors Note: It no secret that Paramedics and Firefighters have been engaged  in somewhat of a turf was in recent years when it comes to 911 medical calls. As the frequency of fires go down and medical 911 calls go up what’s the answer? The following may provide some insight. continue…

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A Sign of the Times

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A Sign of the Times

Nearly 200 years of progress has brought us to this. Our failure to invest in e to the power of 2 (ethics and education) carries a high price.       

St. George’s Anglican Church, on city’s west side, is 193 years old   The oldest church in Saint John is up for sale. St. George’s Anglican Church, built in 1821, has been put on the market for $134,900, including its hall and three city lots. St. George’s Anglican Church, located on Watson Street, on Saint John’s west […]

Furnace oil prices driven up by pre-election changes
Furnace oil prices driven up by pre-election changes

Consumers are paying diesel prices for furnace oil thanks to a regulatory change made in August A decision by the New Brunswick government to make consumers pay diesel prices when they buy furnace oil has driven the cost of the fuel in the province to among the highest in the region. Daphne Reid, a Saint […]

 December 16, 2014: Public Forests Debate
 December 15, 2014: Crown forest agreements need review, conservationist says
 December 15, 2014: Moncton lags behind other cities in opening up public data
 December 13, 2014: Corporate Screw-ups…Stupidly Doesn’t Discriminate
 December 12, 2014: Hookers Incorporated
 December 12, 2014: A Class Act
 December 8, 2014: Saint John Energy outshines NB Power in reliability ranking
 December 8, 2014: NB Power’s reliability ranking suffers as new outage record set
 December 5, 2014: Stop Strip and Ship
 December 3, 2014: Tony Tremblay: The hardening of N.B.’s political narrative
 December 1, 2014: Pick your Prison or was it Poison?
 November 25, 2014: The Family That Owns New Brunswick
 November 21, 2014: Gender gouging: Women often pay more than men
 November 10, 2014: What really goes on when you call customer service
 November 9, 2014: Google Canada fined over cleavage on Street View
 November 9, 2014: Chinese, Canadian central banks agree to 200 bln yuan currency swap
 November 9, 2014: An Idea, A seed. 一种思想,一种种子
 November 6, 2014: Friendly Moose Put Down
 November 6, 2014: McKENNA: ‘Good governments do not allow mob rule’
Blaine Higgs says Tories may back Liberal capital budget
Blaine Higgs says Tories may back Liberal capital budget


 December 16, 2014: Letter to the Editor – Orange Elephant
 December 16, 2014: Mad as Hell?
 December 15, 2014: The $2.00 Burger
 December 15, 2014: Beggars Prayer
 December 14, 2014: Did You Know?
 December 14, 2014: How Will Saint John be Judged?
 December 14, 2014: Saint John Transit faces cuts as budget pressures mount
 December 13, 2014: Ordinary Heros
 December 13, 2014: Bills kill severance for Robert MacLeod, Margaret-Ann Blaney
 December 13, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Frosty is all Wet!
 December 13, 2014: No Words Needed
 December 12, 2014: Child Poverty Rates In Saint John Among Highest And Not Getting Better… Why?
 December 12, 2014: Taxpayers, Bite the Bullet
 December 12, 2014: Judge to decide today whether Dennis Oland will face trial in father’s death
 December 11, 2014: Saint John Transit faces cuts as budget pressures mount
 December 11, 2014: Singing the Same Song?
 December 10, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Big People Words
 December 10, 2014: A Major Municipal Crop Failure
 December 9, 2014: Come on Guys……..Pick a Chick
Your Morning Smile – Winter Exercise
Your Morning Smile – Winter Exercise


 December 18, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Winter Groaner
 December 16, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Seafood Anyone?
 December 15, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Religion
 December 12, 2014: And we worry about Simms Corner?
 December 12, 2014: Your Morning Smile – A Xmas Tradition
 December 11, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Male Xmas Gift Warning
 December 9, 2014: Splish Splash!
 December 7, 2014: Mother Gives Birth To Twins With Different Fathers, US
 December 7, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Marital Bliss
 December 6, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Line dancing
 December 5, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Best Poem in the World
 December 4, 2014: Your Morning Smile – The Nun
 December 3, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Timid Taliban
 December 2, 2014: Woman Kept Dead Husband’s Body
 December 2, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Less Stress
 December 1, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Missed the Boat
 November 30, 2014: Your Morning Smile- Redneck Wedding
 November 29, 2014: Your Morning Smile – Not Good
 November 29, 2014: Heelwork to Music | Mary and Richard | Crufts 2014


 December 14, 2014: South African woman wins Miss World beauty pageant in London
 December 13, 2014: Michael Douglas Fighting Cancer
 December 12, 2014: Ambulance Drone
 December 9, 2014: More than a Hockey Player
 December 8, 2014: Second Place is Not Good Enough
 December 8, 2014: A Cheap Way to Reduce Youth Violence
 December 8, 2014: Are We Doing Enough?
 December 8, 2014: SPCA/ARL – Pet of the Week
 December 8, 2014: What’s The Expression ? Some Days Are Better Than Others !
 December 7, 2014: Tough as a Grizzly, but a Heart of Gold…..Update
 December 7, 2014: Bill Cosby Pal Hugh Hefner Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse Allegations
 December 7, 2014: The Harlem Children’s Zone
 December 7, 2014: Canada’s child poverty rate remains unchanged…. 25 Years Later
 December 7, 2014: One of the Most Dangerous Things Your Pet Could Ever Chew
 December 6, 2014: When Justice Isn’t Equal
 December 5, 2014: The Dangerous, Yet Popular Eating Trend That Can Make You Pile on Pounds
 December 5, 2014: The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi
 December 4, 2014: Three Simple Sure Fire Strategies to Optimize Your Pet’s Health
 December 4, 2014: 63% of Americans Actively Avoid Soda
Taliban attack on Pakistan school leaves 126 dead

UPDATED | City of Peshawar has been the target of frequent militant attacks Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 126 people, officials said, in the worst attack to hit the country in years. The overwhelming majority of the victims were students at the army public school, […]

 December 9, 2014: Senate Report Says Torture Program Was More Gruesome, Widespread Than CIA Claimed
 December 4, 2014: Bill 3, Quebec’s controversial pension reform, passes into law
 December 2, 2014: Moncton sheds 19 jobs amid ‘serious’ financial pressures
 December 1, 2014: They Pissed Me Off
 November 29, 2014: Mel Norton says no fracking wastewater deal made in Saint John
 November 28, 2014: Open Letter to Mayor and Council – Saint John Transit 2015 Funding
 November 26, 2014: New Brunswick abortion restriction lifted by Premier Brian Gallant
 November 26, 2014: David and Goliath – Against All Odds?
 November 25, 2014: Five Stars
 November 24, 2014: Good Morning Sunshine
 November 23, 2014: Saint John councillor Greg Norton calls for sunshine list
 November 20, 2014: N.B. Premier says pipeline the answer to job creation
 November 20, 2014: 2 firms contend to create Moncton’s $95M centre
 November 18, 2014: Saint John Common Council wants control over Transit, but not responsibility
 November 17, 2014: The Beating will Continue Until The Morale Improves.
 November 17, 2014: Letter to the Editor – The Saga Continues
 November 17, 2014: Saint John East byelection may see strong voter turnout
 November 16, 2014: Letter to the Editor
 November 15, 2014: Saint John Transit budget overrun
The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy
The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy


 December 3, 2014: Beloved Habs hockey legend Jean Béliveau dies at 83
 November 24, 2014: Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans celebrate another trip to the Grey Cup
 November 2, 2014: Wilson Kipsang Of Kenya Wins 2014 NYC Marathon Men’s Title
 October 27, 2014: A Commercial, But……. a Good One
 October 23, 2014: Pittsburgh Penguins show solidarity by playing ‘O Canada’
 August 26, 2014: Oldies But……Goldies
 July 15, 2014: Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise
 June 2, 2014: Secretariat Heart Of A Champion
 May 30, 2014: So you THINK you can Write?
 May 4, 2014: NBA To Appoint CEO For L.A. Clippers
 April 30, 2014: Donald Sterling incident shows the dark side of the NBA’s owner-player relationship
 April 20, 2014: Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dead at 76
 February 23, 2014: Gold Rush: Russia tops final Sochi 2014 medal count
 February 21, 2014: Marielle Thompson, Kelsey Serwa win gold, silver in ski cross
 February 20, 2014: Canada’s women defend Olympic hockey gold in OT thriller (VIDEO)
 February 20, 2014: Finnished! Russian Hockey Team Bounced Out Of Olympics
 February 8, 2014: Alleged Olympic vote-swapping deal would keep Canada from gold