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My City

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My City

My City My city is quaintness personified it has a river that leads to the ocean that runs through it it has a legacy and history that touches every part of it the charm of it are its people that bring out the splendid beauty of it my city is locked in an era when […]

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I’ll Do It Myself Thank You Blah, blah, blah don’t like your poetry don’t like your fiction or your prose in fact if anyone were to ask me ask me straight out if I thought you could write I’d scream blah, blah, blah I’d tell them it’s just all much noise on paper.. I’d be […]

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Some months ago I decided to attend the Council  session where Common Council would caste their vote to accept or reject the draft 2015 operating budget presented by Pat Woods the City Manager. It became quite apparent that most were not happy with the $151 million dollar budget.  Increases for salaries/benefits and cutting and/or eliminating […]

Free Ride?
Free Ride?

Even though they greatly depend on government services, the Irving group of companies pay no or very little taxes. watch video 996

 May 14, 2015: Ex-Irving Oil president Mike Ashar sues company for $50M
 May 10, 2015: ‘VICE’ Takes on GMOs, Pesticides, and the Megacorporations Behind Your Food
 May 6, 2015: McHappy Day at McDonalds
 May 3, 2015: Campaign against glyphosate grows in LatAm
 April 30, 2015: How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Is Generating Deadly Antibiotic Resistance
 April 25, 2015: Lawsuit Accuses Monsanto of Lying About Safety of Roundup
 April 24, 2015: John Deere Wants To Be Able To File Copyright Claims Against The Way You Use Your Tractor
 April 24, 2015: Russia took control over 20% of US uranium after Uranium One’s associates made lavish contributions to Clinton Foundation
 April 24, 2015: The World According to Monsanto
 April 23, 2015: MIT doctor reveals link between glyphosate, GMOs and the autism epidemic
 April 22, 2015: Neil Young is protesting GMOs with an anti-Monsanto album
 April 20, 2015: Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses
 April 19, 2015: GMO Wheat not Allowed in Taiwan
 April 19, 2015: Monsanto patents ‘Monster Marijuana’
 April 18, 2015: When The World Bank Does More Harm Than Good
 April 15, 2015: Koch Brothers EXPOSED
 April 13, 2015: Effects of herbicides, insecticides need eternal scrutiny
 April 12, 2015: Toxic Weed Killer Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) Found in Breast Milk, Infant Formula
 April 11, 2015: Chinese citizens sue government over transparency on Monsanto herbicide er-transparency-on-monsanto-herbicide
Green Light Red Light
Green Light Red Light

Green Light Red Light ( In Saint John ) If you stand on Saint Patrick street between the Aquatic center on one side of the street on the other-side of the street One Market Square close to the library entrance look up the street to see the Red Rose building down the street to the […]

 May 17, 2015: Why Not Harper
 May 16, 2015: Bet They’re Glad This Ain’t Missouri
 May 15, 2015: The O So Special People
 May 15, 2015: Emera NB Supports YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
 May 14, 2015: Discussion On Empty Buildings In Saint John
 May 13, 2015: YMCA to Launch “Send a Kid to Camp” Campaign
 May 13, 2015: A Friendly Hello
 May 13, 2015: Unjust Dress Code?
 May 12, 2015: An Insult to Saint John Drivers
 May 12, 2015: It’s Not Like The Weather Isn’t Trying
 May 11, 2015: March Against Monsanto Moncton
 May 11, 2015: Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall
 May 11, 2015: The Nervous Twitch
 May 10, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Happy Mother’s Day
 May 10, 2015: And The Short Answer Is
 May 8, 2015: Letter to the Editor – Divide and Conquer?
 May 8, 2015: Closing the Barn Door
 May 8, 2015: A Boy And His Dog
 May 6, 2015: A Warning: You Need to Watch This Video About Child Safety
Your Morning Smile – Facebook
Your Morning Smile – Facebook

    Presently I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore every day, I go down on the street and tell the passerby what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before, and what I will do after I give them pictures of my family, my dog […]

 May 21, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Childbirth at 65
 May 17, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Sunday Satire
 May 16, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Beer contains Female Hormones!
 May 15, 2015: The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Video
 May 15, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Important Car Part
 May 14, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Jail Time
 May 13, 2015: Yes! It’s The World-Famous Muslim Fashion Show!! – برقع
 May 13, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Think fast
 May 12, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Money’s Worth
 May 11, 2015: Hitler reacts to Alberta NDP majority election
 May 11, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Bait
 May 8, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Illusions
 May 7, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Talkin Dog
 May 6, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Art Investment
 May 5, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Solid State Doorbell
 May 2, 2015: Your Moening Smile – Retired Person’s Perspective
 April 30, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Look a Beary!
 April 28, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Should Children Witness Childbirth?
 April 27, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Alligator Shoes
Half Day
Half Day

Half Day You only stayed a half day not long enough for the sun to set or the moon to rise you didn’t stay long enough for me to fully breathe you in or for the ice to melt in your glass you begged off you didn’t stay long enough for me to even consider […]

 May 5, 2015: YMCA – Volleyball on the Boardwalk
 May 5, 2015: It Wouldn’t Be Necessary
 May 3, 2015: Maybe Saint John isn’t so Bad
 April 30, 2015: We’re Better Off With Harper?
 April 30, 2015: Just The Weight Of It All
 April 29, 2015: Come What May
 April 28, 2015: Repost – Harper on the Use of Marijuana
 April 28, 2015: A Gift Of Notes and Letters
 April 27, 2015: Loosing the Civic War
 April 26, 2015: The 2015 RKYC Charity Regatta Announcement
 April 26, 2015: Not Such A Great Day For Writing
 April 25, 2015: True or False?
 April 25, 2015: Tired Eyes
 April 24, 2015: In The Classroom
 April 23, 2015: Maggie Savoie / Songs
 April 23, 2015: A Chain Of Feelings
 April 22, 2015: Someone Ought To Be Fired!!
 April 22, 2015: Your Morning Smile – Bow-Wow
 April 21, 2015: People in Metro Vancouver less happy than most Canadians, survey finds
Victor Schukov: Coderre is the greatest Montreal mayor since Drapeau
Victor Schukov: Coderre is the greatest Montreal mayor since Drapeau

Editors Note: Maybe he would like to cut his teeth on Saint John? continue reading  >>>>> 985

 May 14, 2015: Canada’s Governments Brace for Looming Debt Crunch
 May 12, 2015: The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth?
 May 3, 2015: Question Period: Corporate Tax or Lack of… April 29, 2015
 April 29, 2015: Strike ……TWO!!!
 April 21, 2015: The NRA Shell Game
 April 20, 2015: The Evolution of ISIS | The New York Times
 April 14, 2015: Supreme Court quashes mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes
 April 13, 2015: Chess Anyone?
 April 13, 2015: Updated | Mike Duffy trial: Taxpayers billed for non-Senate business, court hears
 April 13, 2015: New |Bill Clinton says he’ll be ‘backstage’ as Hillary campaigns
 April 12, 2015: Mike Duffy diaries reveal frailties, foibles and desire to be popular
 April 10, 2015: New Brunswick is flat on its fiscal back
 April 8, 2015: ANALYSIS | Can the Conservatives afford another Mike Duffy hit?
 April 8, 2015: Afghan soldier fires on U.S. troops, wounding three, before being shot dead
 April 5, 2015: When Will the Excuses Stop and the Action Begin?
 April 4, 2015: New Brunswick – Worse than a Banana Republic
 April 4, 2015: Tracks in the Snow
 April 3, 2015: Is Nova Scotia the next Detroit?
 April 3, 2015: Assimilation or Segregation?
Charles Gorman Presentation
Charles Gorman Presentation

The Saint John Free Public Library will co-host two free evenings of talks about one of Saint John’s greatest all-round athletes, Charles Gorman. The two evenings will be Wednesday, February 11, 7pm at Market Square, and feature a talk about Gorman and his military and athletic career. The second talk will be on Thursday, February […]

 February 8, 2015: Officials: 25 people killed in Egyptian soccer match riot
 February 8, 2015: Bruce Jenner Crahes SUV
 February 4, 2015: Now There’s A Real Man
 February 2, 2015: Super Bowl XLIX Highlights
 January 24, 2015: Chicago Cubs icon Ernie Banks dead at 83
 January 1, 2015: Saint John rinks on thin ice as city looks to cut costs
 January 1, 2015: World Juniors: Canada edges U.S. to stay undefeated
 December 19, 2014: Aquille Carr released by Saint John Mill Rats
 December 9, 2014: More than a Hockey Player
 December 9, 2014: The untold truth of the Petit de Grat tragedy
 December 3, 2014: Beloved Habs hockey legend Jean Béliveau dies at 83
 November 24, 2014: Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans celebrate another trip to the Grey Cup
 November 2, 2014: Wilson Kipsang Of Kenya Wins 2014 NYC Marathon Men’s Title
 October 27, 2014: A Commercial, But……. a Good One
 October 23, 2014: Pittsburgh Penguins show solidarity by playing ‘O Canada’
 August 26, 2014: Oldies But……Goldies
 July 15, 2014: Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg Nightclub Brawl Over Reeva Steenkamp
 July 9, 2014: Touch – Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
 July 9, 2014: World Cup 2014: Brazil’s meltdown caught us by surprise